How to Draw Chibi Princess Peach

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 3, 2010

Step 1.

Like with all drawings containing a figure, you want to start with a wire frame. A wire frame is a great tool to use; creating ease for poses and positioning of the character. Since we are working with chibi, the frame is extremely simple. Notice how   

Step 2.

Now let's add some meat to them bones. In this step you want to define the body shape and the head shape that you will be working with. Once again, since we're doing a chibi, you don't have to worry about a lot of detail in the hands and the feet.

Step 3.

Now that we have some muscles on our frame, we can start sketching out the details that will make this base into princess peach. We'll start with the head. A tip to keeping to the character is try to make the face look as it would if their origin   

Step 4.

Now we'll add her dress and gloves. Once again, no need to be perfect right now, everything will be refined during the lineart parts of the picture. Make sure to remember her broach and her sash, along with the pleats and the band in the skirt. Notic   

Step 5.

Now that we have the sketch done for all the details, we can move onto the first lineart. I say first because with the process I do, I normally do two sets. One for use when coloring and one to sort of finish off the picture at the end. The first lin   

Step 6.

Now for the colors. From this point on you wont be needing your sketch layer anymore, delete it or turn it on invisible if you would like to hold onto it. First choose a color that you wont be using as one of the base colors for your picture, gree   

Step 7.

Shading. Once again, starting with the skin, choose a tone that is slightly darker than your base color. Use a solid brush to start out with to block off your shaded areas, then choosing a tone between your base color and your shadow color, switch to   

Step 8.

Now would be a good time to go back and quickly tidy up your layers, cleaning up any color that have gone outside your lines. Onto the highlights. Never use white for your highlights, it's too strong and it can wash out your pictures. I suggest us   

Step 9.

Now that we have all the coloring done, it's time for the last lineart. Make a new layer on the very top and once again, outline the details. Be a little bit bolder this time and make sure to keep your lines tidy. You don't have to remove the ori   

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Artist: PuzzlePieces
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Description: Here is a fun lesson that will show you step by step on "<em>how to draw chibi princess Peach</em>". This tutorial is filled with a section that also guides you the way on how to color your Peach, digitally. You can learn a lot from other artists, especially on how they color their art. I hope this tutorial will give you a good structure and new style to "<em>draw chibi Peach</em>". Don't forget to leave behind feedback on how you did!