How to Draw Baby Peach

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Start with a head shape for Baby Peach, and then draw out the shape of her body. You will then draw in the facial guidelines too.


Okay, it's now time to draw out the shape of her face, and then draw in her bangs, and the sides of her hair like so. When that is done you have to draw out the ear, and then the shape of her body.


Finish sketching out her hair, and then draw in her eyes, and pacifier. The next thing to do is draw out her limbs, which includes the arms, hands, legs, and feet.


Draw in her princess crown like you see here, finish her hair, and then draw in the rest of her eyes, lashes, and then add some detailing inside of her ear. Lastly, draw out her other legs and foot.


It looks like you are on your last drawing step. Now all that needs to be done is the addition of her crown jewels, and then some definition on each spike of the crown. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Here is what she looks like when she is all done. Now you can take your coloring tools, and shade her in. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Baby Peach.

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October 26, 2010

Description: How did everyone like my version of Baby Luigi that I submitted just a few minutes ago? Today I am going to fill another Mario character request, and this time it will be on "how to draw Baby Peach", step by step. Baby Peach is much like her other baby counterparts Mario and Luigi. Her character creation is what I like to call super-duper adorable and I just know that you guys will love drawing her out. Baby Peach made her video game debut in “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time” in the year of 2005. She still wears her pretty pink outfit, and along with her princess crown. Her blond hair isn’t long as it is in her older adult form; instead it’s much shorter just like a baby’s hair length should be. Her bright blue eyes stand out with her bright blond colored hair. Unlike Luigi, she is almost always seen sucking on a pacifier which goes well with her baby form. Baby Peach is also seen crawling on her hands and knees suggesting that she is younger than Baby Luigi, but around the same age as Baby Mario, just a hair younger. I really love the way she looks and I had so much fun drawing her and Baby Luigi out. I can’t wait to see what you guys ask for next when it comes to the baby clan of the Mario gaming series. Well I guess that does it for now, I will be back shortly with some more drawing fun. Stay tuned in as I will return with some more tutorials for you guys. In the meantime have fun with leaning "how to draw Baby Peach", and I will be back soon. Peace out people and enjoy your drawing day.

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