How to Draw Faeries

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 7, 2010

Step 1.

We'll start off with a few tips before we get going on drawing our cute fairy. Things that you'll need to know: types of fairies, size of the stereotypical fairy, and we'll throw in a little lore. There are many many types of fae creatures; banshees,   

Step 2.

Now we'll explore the different types of wings that a fairy would have. I've provided a few samples but don't feel limited to using them. 1.) Small dragonfly like wings are typical for pixies. They are delicate and nearly completely transparent save    

Step 3.

We're going to start by drawing the head and an 'I' frame. The top of the 'I' will represent the shoulders, the bottom the hips and the vertical line will guide the curve of the body. See how the top and the bottom of the 'I' are shorter on one side    

Step 4.

Next we'll add on the arms and the legs and give her a cute little pose. We'll also decide the placement of the ears and make a little guide for the face of where the eyes and moth will be. We'll put on the shapes for the muscles as well.

Step 5.

From there we'll go to define the shape of the body more, fleshing her out so she looks more human-like, roughly lining the shape and determining the features for the face and ears a bit more.

Step 6.

Now we'll tidy up the shape of the body and face. We'll also add the hair. We're going to give her short hair for this tutorial but feel free to change the hairstyle if you want to. Also, I have given her a somewhat playful expression on her face.

Step 7.

Now for her clothes and accessories. Fairies don't like to wear much in the way of clothes and what they do wear they like to be flowey and easy to move around it. They don't like pants and have to use what they have available in resources to them to   

Step 8.

We'll add the wings now. I went with short almost dragonfly-like wings. See how you can almost see the wing underneath through the one in front. This gives it an almost translucent effect. You can pick a different kind of wings to use if you want to    

Step 9.

Now that we have all the details drawn out we'll do the lineart. Outline the details using black or a dark color. Outline less details and you have more of a cartoony look, outline more and you'll get more of an anime-like look or 'animu'. Also, I ad   

Step 10.

Since she really didn't look like she was flying, I gave her something to sit on. This part is optional. And that's the end of the tutorial. Enjoy and Good Luck

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Description: Here is a short little tutorial on "<em><strong>how to draw faeries</em></strong>", step by step. From the base to the lines, here are the steps, including a couple tips on creating fairy wings that will be sure to impress. Good luck!