How to Draw a Cute Mermaid


Welcome to How to Draw A Cute Mermaid. Now let's get right into it and get to work. We're going to start with a cherry. Yes, I said we're starting with a piece of fruit. We're actually starting with the letter 'I'. The 'I' shape is great for making t   


Now we're going to build up the shape of the body. Following the angle of the shoulders, draw an oval, on its side. Draw a line down the center of the oval where your clavicle would be, this will be the little divider so that when we start building u   


Now we'll really start to flesh her out and start putting some muscle on her. This part is fairly simple. You have a whole lot less muscle to outline because instead of two legs with knees, ankles and feet full with toes. Following the curve of the f   


Now we'll do the face and the hair. We'll keep the eyes large and soft, giving her a full and youthful face. We'll give her a small pouty smile to finish off that cute face. Now for the hair. Since she's in water, her hair wont be sitting flat on her   


((Please Click to enlarge to see at the details)) Time for putting on the details. The fins, the scales, and hair. Shells and starfish and sand dollars. This step will cover tips for adding all these little details that will really make your mermaid    


Now for the lines. I like to go for the more pen inked look, so that's what I'll show you how to do. Notice how the lines get thinner and thicker, this is called line weight. Light weight can be determined by pressure put on the pen, or by the speed   


Now that we have the lines out of the way it's time for coloring. We're going to start off by filling in the background with a solid color. I chose blue for this piece, but feel free to use any color that you like. We're going to block off the colors   


For shading we're going to work, as we did during coloring, layer by layer starting with the skin. Using a tone a bit darker than the base, we're going to block shade the features. Once that is done, we're going to go slightly lighter, just between t   


Now we're going to add the soft highlights, these will just be fuzzy patches of a light color, not white, to show some source of light in our picture. We're not going to add much soft highlights to the hair, like the shading process, it will have har   


Now it's time for the hard highlights. These will show how the light reacts on different surfaces, such as the skin and the hair. On the face the highlights will focus on the nose, lips and high on the cheeks. These areas are either normally moist or   

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November 6, 2010

Description: Here is a little tutorial on how to draw a cute anime mermaid. From frame to lines and all the little details, you'll learn it here and get all your tools for creating an under water cutie

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