How to Draw Chibi Jack Sparrow

Artist: Dawn / November 6, 2010

Step 1.

Like most of my tutorials on here, or others tutorials, you must construct the basis to start molding on. Molds and carvings themselves start off as a base so it's important like everything else, to start off with the building blocks. I would recomme   

Step 2.

Then, work on the outer frame basics for your chibi Jack Sparrow. I ALWAYS begin with drawing the head and working my way down to the body. Without drawing the frame, you will be confused and end up drawing inner details mistakenly. The areas like th   

Step 3.

My favorite part! Let's work on drawing the large hat. This part was complicated because of each side of the hat kept looping to either side. Draw the middle first and quickly sketch the spooned curves once you reach the end of the hat. Then, (my fav   

Step 4.

Then, work on the small weird beard thing he has with beads wrapping it. The eyebrows were pretty fun to draw, mainly because they're so thick and fun! Draw the brows on very lightly so they're erasable if you mess up. Once satisfied, darken them so    

Step 5.

Lastly, add some kicker details like the bandanna straps streaming from the back of his head and the sword. The dreadlocks should be drawn with thin lines since they're not important. Important lines that need darkening are ones like Jack's brows, mo   

Step 6.

Aha! Here is your finished drawing of the drunken awesome pimped out pirate, Jack Sparrow! I had lots of fun with this lesson and I hope you did too! Don't forget to erase the lines from step one ready yourself for inking. I recommend using Micron pe   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Morning everyone! I've been up for a long while and it's near my time to go to bed. Tonight I thought of a genius lesson for the perfect chibi character. In this lesson, you'll be learning “how to draw chibi Jack Sparrow”, step by step. The tutorial is labeled as an advanced one, mainly because it's very complex with all the lines and details. I didn't add too much because I knew there would be fans of Jack Sparrow who range in the 'novice' level. I had a lot of fun customizing the character and colors. The background was rendered after thorough thinking and observation of wallpapers. I used the Narnia map which is mixed with the original Pirates of the Caribbean one as well. There is a heavy yellow/red tint which subtly fades the detailing of the backdrop, contrasting Jack to where you can see his important details. Drawing chibis requires lots of skills as well as practice to get better. A chibi can range in many different styles, which is very important to achieve. In this case, I used a less of a chibi look for Jack's face. It's sorta hard to make a man with dreadlocks and facial hair to seem very childish. At least, I think I did a good job! I've never watched the movies before, never could sit thorough the first one. There's no knowledge I have of the movie, except the fact there are pirates which turn to skeletons. Well folks, I really hope this lesson will poison your fanatic desires of this Pirates of the Caribbean character. Go on and have fun learning “how to draw chibi Jack Sparrow”. Thanks so much for viewing this lesson and good luck!