How to Draw Chibi Ariel

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Start off by drawing the head shape with the eye guide lines, her wire body frame and two shoulder circles. This is your foundation and most of it will end up being erased through the tutorial.


Next you will use the eye guide lines to draw some large chibi eyes. Draw her open smiling mouth, the under flair of her bangs and the long curl that comes down over her arm. Be sure to erase the area where the hair will be covering the body!


Next you can start drawing her body and be sure to follow the wire frame you drew earlier. Notice that her body is slightly turned, so the body will not be centered on the wire frame, the wire represents the front of her torso where it will be facin   


Now you can draw in her clam bra, fins, and hands. Notice that she does not have any specifically defined wrist because of the style of chibi I drew. Now we have her body!


Now we get to draw her bangs and long beautiful hair! This is my favorite part. Be sure to draw her hair with accentuated waves to give it the illusion that she is floating under water. You can now erase the wire frame that you used to draw her bod   


Now you can add fine details like lashes, eyelid lines, collar bone lines, belly button and belly crease. Also, add one of the underwater flowers from the movie to her hair. You can now erase the head shape line that is covered by her hair.


Now you're done! Good job! Now you have a cute little Ariel chibi. You can color her and add your own bit of flair to make her your perfect little mermaid.

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November 5, 2010

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw a chibi version of Ariel from Disney's Little Mermaid.

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