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How to Draw a Chibi Bee

Artist: StealthElf / March 10, 2012
How to Draw a Chibi Bee

Step 1.

first draw a oval/circle. This is the main shabe of the bee.

Step 2.

Now draw in the stripes and the wings. These two parts are both curvy.

Step 3.

Now add the mouth, legs and eyes. Also, these parts are all curvy.

Step 4.

Now put some more detail in the eyes. This makes it look cute!

Step 5.

Well done! It's complete! See you next time! Bye Bye!

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Artist: StealthElf
Date Added: March 10, 2012
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Tags: draw chibi
Description: For my 3rd tutorial, it's "How to draw a Chibi Bee". I'm very exited about it, and leave a comment if you think it's cute! This is my 1st tutorial on a chibi!