How to Draw Chibi Ghost Rider


Start this step by drawing a large shape for the head of the chibi and then make a body guide. Next, make the pelvic shape and then draw in a facial guide.


Here you will begin sketching out the actual structure of the skull on the lower portion of the face. This should be simple because the lining is just a wavy pattern.


Using the one facial as your guide, draw in the eyes as well as color them in. Next, draw the nose and add some lines for the skull's teeth detailing. You will also add a dimple above the nose like so.


Instead of drawing the cover or top of the skulls head, you will draw the flame pattern that surrounds the entire top part of the head, as well as under the chin. Take your time with this step because it can be complicated. When you are done proceed    


We will start drawing chibi Ghost Rider's body and as you can see I've also included the chain that is wrapped or coiled over his left or right shoulder. Draw the chain first, and then draw his arm and closed fist for a hand. Also, as you can see the   


When you are done with this step the entire top part of the body should be finished. Start at the shoulder and then draw in the arm. Again, the hand is in a closed fist. Draw in the leather jacket leaving only some of it open, and then draw in some s   


Wow, I forgot all about the spikes that is at the bottom of the jacket and around the wrists. Draw in these spikes the way you see them here and then add just a little wrinkle on the left or right sleeve.


For the last drawing step all you will need to do is draw the legs or leather pants. Add the stitching detailing. Cap off the bottom of the pants and then start erasing your mistakes and guides.


Here is your finished drawing of chibi Ghost Rider. I hope you have as much fun drawing him as I did creating him.

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February 18, 2012

Description: Good Saturday everyone and welcome back to Dragoart for some more drawing fun. I will start the day with a chibi so that everyone can tackle something easy instead of something complex. Here is "how to draw chibi Ghost Rider", step by step and as you can see I managed to keep the characteristics of how Ghost Rider really looks. For those of you that don’t know there is a part two coming out this year. I tried making this chibi version of Johnny Blaze look the same way he does both from the movie as well as from the comic. I really did have a lot of fun creating this character because it was like drawing a miniature form of a popular figure that we all know and even love. Nicolas Cage is going to stay playing the role of Johnny Blaze and of Ghost Rider which is a good thing because he always has a comical and pleasant presence on screen. There really isn’t too much I can say further in this description because it is after all just a chibi. So go ahead and have fun drawing chibi Ghost Rider, and I will return with more drawing fun so don’t go anywhere.

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