How to Draw Pokemon


Like always, start with the head guides. Notice how they are aliened with one another.


We will tackle Pikachu first, so begin drawing the actual head structure, and face while including the pointed ears as well.


Draw the markings on his ears, and cheeks like so, and then draw or color in the eyes and nose. Yo will then need to add the lips and mouth as well as the lining for his tongue inside of the mouth.


For this step we will draw the entire body except for his tail. Start with the arms and hands, then draw the body and feet. Don't forget to draw in Pikachu's toes.


Finish Pikachu off by drawing his electrifying tail like so, then move to step six where you will tackle a different Pokemon.


Let's start step six by using the head guide to sketch out Tepig's head and face structure. Draw in the ears and move to the next step.


The first thing you need to do here is draw in the marking lines on the bridge of it's nose, as well as along across the side of Tepig's face. Next, draw the oblong shaped eye, as well as draw the nose, then the mouth.


Sketch the front legs, and belly like so, then move to step nine where you will finish him off.


Okay, draw the back end of Tepig as well as the band mark around his belly.


Now we can get busy drawing out last Pokemon. To start, draw the outlined shape of a rubber ducky, the only difference with Snivy's form is the narrow pointed tip of it's nose.


Draw in the rest of the body design which is the dipped in arched back, as well as the arms, hands, and marking line which also looks like a viney collar.


Almost done guys. Draw the large round shaped eye for Snivy's face, and then draw the mouth, band around the neck, and then down the back. You will add the mouth and the marking line across the mid section of it's face that also trails down the neck    


For the last drawing step sketch in the legs as well as Snivy's large tail. Clean up the drawing by erasing the messed up lines and guides to prepare your drawing for color.


Here is the finished drawing when you are done. Now you can get busy as you color in your work to perfection.

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March 11, 2012

Description: I know I have a "how to draw pokemon" category that is dedicated to everything that has to do with Pokemon and all the characters from the show and game series, but I wanted to make a lesson that was just on some basic, popular Pokemon species that everyone will recognize and have fun drawing. Here is a lesson on "how to draw Pokemon", step by step, and I think you will find that the three species you will be recreating are the ones from Pokemon Black and White. Cartoon Network airs Pokemon Black and White but there is so many different characters that are new to the series, deciding which ones to make a lesson on can be challenging. Ultimately I decided to include Pikachu, Snivy, and Tepig in this tutorial because they are the most popular Pokemon at this time. I was going to include Oshawott and Meowth, but I didn't want the lesson to be cluttered, or too complex. Drawing Pokemon is always fun because they are such easy and delightful figures to replicate. I have a feeling that this lesson will be among the more popular on the site just because I know there is a lot of Pokemon, and Pokemon Black and White fans. So enjoy this lesson, have fun, and remember to comment, and rate to let others know that you like, or dislike the tutorial. I still have two more tutorials coming your way, so if you are in a down mood today or if Sundays bum you out, I can almost guarantee that you will be smiling again real soon. Peace out people!

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