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How to Draw Audino, Pokemon

Artist: Dawn / March 13, 2012
How to Draw Audino, Pokemon

Step 1.

Draw two circles for the head and body of Audino, and then sketch in a light facial guideline. At this point Audino looks very much like a snowman with no face.

Step 2.

Thicken the head shape with three divided lines like so, this will later be for Audino's ears and such.

Step 3.

For this next step you will now draw the shapes of the ears for Audino's head, and then draw in her curls or feelers like so. You will then need to draw the marking lines at the base of her ears before you leave this step.

Step 4.

You will now use the facial guide to draw in the eyes as well as color them in. Next, draw the sharp line that runs across her face like so, and then draw in the mouth.

Step 5.

Look how far you have come already with Audino. When you are done here, you will have a finished just like the one you see here. To get to this point, you will need to draw the arms, hands, and round belly as well as the short stubby legs. Add some m   

Step 6.

Lastly, erase your mistakes and guides that you made along the way so you can draw in the pattern markings on the body as well as the toe lines on the feet.

Step 7.

Here is what your new drawing of Audino looks like when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring her in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 13, 2012
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Tags: draw pokemon
Description: I told you that I was on a Pokemon kick which means that for all you Pokemon fanatics out there, you will be loving these lessons that are coming your way. For my second submission I will fill a request that was made by plenty of people on "how to draw Audino", step by step. Of course I am not familiar with Audino because I haven't been keeping up with the series in so long it's not even funny. After drawing Audino in this lesson I kind of realize why so many of you wanted this character or species transformed into a drawing tutorial. It is probably one of the cutest Pokemon I have seen in a long while which means I had a lot of fun recreating her/him for you all. I will probably refer to this Pokemon species as a her since it looks like a female species even though the gender ratio is pegged at a fifty fifty chance that you could end up with either or. Audino is a Hearing Pokemon' that contains pastel colors of pink and cream. She has these beautiful ice blue eyes with cute little cream colored curls that fall below her ears. These curls are actually called 'feelers' and they are very much like stethoscopes. Like with many healing Pokemon, Audino also acts as a doctor and or nurse. She is going to be a very simple figure to draw because she is very much shaped like soft serve ice cream. Well I guess that just about does it. I will return later with some more fun for you all so stay tuned in or come back tomorrow. Peace out people and enjoy!