How to Draw Chibi Poker Face, Lady Gaga


Start by sketching shapes. I highly recommend not skipping this step because it's a guide to how your drawing will look. Don't worry about perfection on this. Make sure you draw these shapes and lines light so they can be erased.


Using your guidelines to help you out, draw the basic sketch of Lady Gaga's body.For the joints, it helps to draw some long oval shapes and make them overlap at where the joints would be. I know hands can be tricky but chibi hands are simple-looki   


Begin to draw her facial features; the eyes are very simple to draw. Draw two ovals that touch the lower circle-sketch from step 1. The eyelid part of the eye is a simple arch that lies above the top of that oval. If you need more help on eyes ple   


In this step we begin drawing the hair. Let the top of the head be a guide for drawing the top of her hair and let it "fall" down, so to speak. Make it look a bit flowy too, rather than stiff, if you can. :) The bangs start right above the eyes and    


Draw her leotard/bathing suit piece and her gloves; the gloves start at about the knuckle part of her hand. :)


Clean up the sketch, get rid of the guide lines or any messy lines that may be seen. Grab a pen or marker or make a lineart layer on your art program and begin outlining. :) And you're done!

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March 2, 2012

Description: A highly requested tutorial. Based off my Poker Face chibi. I decided I'd redraw it and do a tutorial along with it. :)

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