How to Draw Jimi Hendrix

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Start this first step with an egg shape for his face and then draw a big bowl shape around the face for his gigantic afro. The lines for the hair are also connected to the shoulder lines as well so you have to draw that part of the step as well. Don'   


In this next step you will start detailing his hair as shown. You will start sketching in the small curls on the left side as well as some detailing to the right side of his head. Now draw the guidelines for his eye brows and the shapes of his eyes.    


Now in this step you will start sketching in more of his curly hair that hangs above his brow. Next Start sketching in the outlines for his eyes. You have to leave space around the eye like you can see here. This is where you will be sketching in the   


Now first things first. Start shaping out and detailing the top of his hair with some wavy lines. Next on the left side of his face you will draw the same kind of guideline that way you did on the right side. Again this open area is what will be shad   


All you will do here is continue the detail drawing of his shirt and collar.


For this last step you will erase that remainder of the guidelines that you drew in step one. After you have cleaned up your sketch you will now start shading in and coloring the hair, eyebrows, the outline of his eyes, under his nose, inside of his    


This is what your finished sketch should look like when you are done. That wasn't to bad right? Now all you have to do is add some psychedelic colors in the background and you will be done. That will end this tutorial on how to draw Jimi Hendrix step   

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July 30, 2008

Description: Well it’s time for another tutorial on famous faces. I was scrolling through that very same category and thought “hmm I have Jim Morrison but not Jimi Hendrix”. So that is what I decided to do over the weekend to challenge my abilities as well as stimulate my mind. The funny thing is when I was replying to comments left on some of my tutorials; a member requested a tutorial on Hendrix. How weird is that? Anyways I am happy with the end results of the sketch drawing. Drawing on a computer tablet is much different from drawing on a sheet of sketching paper. Tablets come with a pen that has a plastic tip, and since it is pressure sensitive you really have to know how hard to press down when sketching and drawing. Sometimes I find it difficult to mimic a paper sketch on the tablet because of how sensitive the pen is. It takes a lot of practice to us it just right. Let’s get back to talking about Jimi Hendrix. As you all know he was a rock legend. He was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27th 1942. While his father was in the army his mother placed him in the care of friends until the return of his dad. When his father finally returned home he took his son and renamed him James Marshall Hendrix. The gifted musician died at the age of 28 years old, only a couple years older than Jim Morrison when he died. Strange isn’t it, two rock legends dying at almost the same age, absolute shame especially because of the fact that they were both very gifted individuals. But some say that great artist with such talent must die at an early age to inspire other generations. I don’t know how true that is but it kind of makes sense. Jimi Hendrix experienced a bunch of heartache and turmoil throughout his childhood. He wasn’t an only child at all, in fact he had two brothers and two sisters named Leon, Joseph, Kathy, and Pamela. Joseph was born with a severe disability and was given up at the age of three. Both of his sisters were given up as well because of different handicaps that they possessed. Kathy was blind and Pamela had disabilities of her own that the family just couldn’t cope with. So all that was left out of all his siblings was his brother Leon but he too was put in state care for a period of time as well. While growing up, Jimi had a love for music especially the guitar. He used to play with an old beat up broom and imagine that it was a brand new guitar. So I guess you can say that he had a strong imagination. At the age of 15 Jimi bought his very first acoustic guitar off his father’s friend for five dollars. Later his dad bought him his very first electric guitar which was a white Supro Ozark. The only problem was it didn’t come with an amp. After many years of practice and determination he eventually became a rock icon inspiring thousands of people young and old. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw Jimi Hendrix step by step. I will also give you detailed instructions and easy to follow steps to help you draw this rock legend with ease. I hope you like this one and I will see you all soon.

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