How to Draw Boshi

Artist: Dawn / April 21, 2015

Step 1.

Draw four shapes, one for the head, another for the torso and then two for the feet. Sketch in the neck and limb guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Here you will draw in Boshi's snout along with the inner lining for his lip.

Step 3.

Finish drawing the head and face, then draw black, wing shaped eyeglasses.

Step 4.

We will now add some small spikes on the back of the head and then draw his thick spiked collar.

Step 5.

Up next we will draw the body in better definition and detail followed by the arm, hand and legs. Boshi is wearing some form of cuff on his ankle so go ahead and draw that in as well.

Step 6.

Draw the other arm and hand, then draw in the tail. Add lining to make the belly or chest and then proceed to step seven.

Step 7.

Lastly, draw feet which are in a pair of sandals. Draw in Boshi's clawed toes and then you are done which means you can erase your mistakes.

Step 8.

Here is the finished drawing of Boshi when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring him in. As you know, coloring is the best part to any drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 21, 2015
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Tags: how to draw mario characters
Description: So you wanted another Super Mario character to draw and this time you wanted a lesson on how to draw Boshi, step by step. If you're asking yourself who Boshi is, let me explain. At first I thought he was a fusion between Yoshi and Bowser, but then I did some reading and found that he is in fact just a blue Yoshi who happens to be Yoshi's rival. He is a bad azz Yoshi with black sunglasses, a red spiked collar and a mean personality. Boshi was actually really fun to recreate and I think you Super Mario fans will be pleased with this lesson. Like always, if you have something on your mind that you would like to see as a tut, just ask and I will fill it. Until then have fun drawing Boshi and stick around because there is more lessons coming your way.