How to Draw Mario and Peach Kissing


Start off with two head guides, one for Mario and another for Peach. You will then add the facial guides for both characters.


You will now draw the side profile for Peach's face. Start with the forehead and then draw the nose, mouth, chin and jaw. Sketch in the bangs and the curl that cups her face too.


Draw in the rest of Peach's hairstyle which is long, wavy and layers.


You will now draw her one eye that is showing closed, and make sure the lid is thick, bold and dark. Add some lashes then draw in the eyebrow, and blush marks on her cheek.


Now that Peach's face is done, we can tackle Mario's. Again, draw the profile of Mario's face, then draw in the hair line as well as his large ear. Don't forget to draw Mario's mustache too.


What is the other signature part to Mario's outfit? That's right his hat. Draw the hat and then make that M logo on the front. You will also detail inside his ear then draw the eyebrows and closed eye lid.


The faces for these two lovers is all done. Now you can draw the body which is only the torso and arm from the side.


Sketch out Peach's neck shape then draw her ruffled collar and puffed dress sleeve. Erase the mistakes; if you made any at all that is.


And there you have it, a finished drawing of Mario and Peach kissing. Color these two lovebirds in and show folks who you have just drawn all by yourself.

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October 21, 2013

Description: So this is my cute lesson for the day. It's a tutorial on "how to draw Mario and Peach kissing", step by step. How many of you have always wanted a tutorial on drawing these two Mario characters embraced in a moment of love and affection? I know I have and so did my little sister and a few members. If you are one of the many that has asked if I could make this lesson, here it is. I have to admit, I didn't know that drawing Mario and Princess Peach kissing was going to be so fun. The colors and vibrancy of the couple on paper or computer is such an exciting site. I do hope you like this tut guys, I shall return once again with another lesson; in fact a few more lessons so stay tuned in.

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