How to Draw Howling Wolves, Howling Wolf

Artist: makangeni / March 2, 2013

Step 1.

Let's start with some tips to draw a howling wolf. When a wolf howls it throws its head back, the ears are folded and close to the neck, the eyes are closed or almost closed, the mouth take a particular shape. Look at the image, specially at the big   

Step 2.

The mouth of the howling wolf can be from slightly to widely open. Look in the image how it changes depending on the movement of the mandible. Remember: it's only the lower part of the muzzle (the mandible) that moves, not the upper part.

Step 3.

Now that you can draw the head and, in particular, the mouth of a howling wolf, we can draw a full body one. Start with the guide lines. Wolves are slender and powerfully built.

Step 4.

Draw the outline of the head, the open mouth (look at steps 1 and 2), the closed eye and the long haired neck.

Step 5.

Add nose, teeth, part of the lower lip and long fur into the ear.

Step 6.

Draw shoulders, fore legs and fore paws. Fore paws have five clawed toes, the claws are not retractible. Part of the paw pads can be visible.

Step 7.

Draw back and belly, here the fur is long.

Step 8.

Draw the hind legs, the hind paws (four toes) and the tail with long fur.

Step 9.

Add fur, muscles, whiskers and other details and the howling wolf is finished!

Step 10.

Wolves do not howl only when they are standing. They can howl while they're sitting, while they're laying on the ground, while they're in movement.

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Description: Wolves howl to assemble the pack, to pass on an alarm, to locate each other and to communicate across great distances. The howl is used also to communicate with other packs in order to avoid conflicts. I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial!