How to Draw the Kill Em All Logo

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Start with the guidelines for the sledge hammer like so.


You will now draw the hammer head like so and then add the detailing to the ends and under. Once that is done you can draw the handle of the hammer as well.


Next, draw the shadow of the hand in background of the hammer handle like you see here. The hand is not supposed to look fancy or realistic, it's supposed to be more like a crime scene outline of a hand.


Lastly, draw the blot of blood or pool of blood under the hammer head. This stain should be very uneven in size and have splatter marks around the puddle.


If you made mistakes you can erase them, but if you didn't then you can color in the drawing to bring it to life.

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April 20, 2015

Description: I have more cover art for you folks and this time it's from one of my favorite Metallica albums known as 'Kill Em All'. Here is how to draw the Kill Em All logo, step by step. Now this was definitely fun to recreate in tutorial form. I am a huge, huge, huge fan of Metallica especially their old stuff and the Kill Em All album is on my top five lists of favorite Metallica albums along with Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets, ...and Justice for All, and Metallica. The image is a sledge hammer over a pool of blood with a hand in the background as it drops the weapon as a result from realizing what has happened. Anyways, drawing the Kill Em All album cover logo is going to be both fun and simple so let me know if you like what you see. If there is other album cover art that you would like to see as a lesson, just let me know.

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