How To Draw Assassins Creed Chibis

Artist: Ruby_X / August 8, 2012

Step 1.

Alright step 1 here we go! First up, lets start by drawing 3 blockish circles for our AC Chibi heads.

Step 2.

Secondly, lets just draw the main template of the bodies of the chibi's we're going to draw.

Step 3.

Next, lets go onto their main part of thier faces, just draw the two hoddies for Ezio And Altair, while Desmond is just going to be... his hair.

Step 4.

After that, lets add more detail on thier faces, for Ezio and Altair, add the main shape on their hoods and cover their eyes/noses by covering them in black ( like a real cool Assassin! >:D )then for Desmond draw his eyes and his ear. Next draw thier   

Step 5.

Next, draw the start of their clothes by drawing their necks,arms and hands. And add a little bit more detail.

Step 6.

We're almost done now! Just draw the rest of thier main parts of their clothes and if you want, you can colour thier shoes. Dont worry, its pretty easy to draw thier clothes, just give it a try!

Step 7.

Last but not least.. add more detail onto their clothes and if you want for fun.. add those cute little blue birds! Aren't the cute or what..!? Haha.. but you dont have to though.. only Desmonds bird should be drawn.. its your choice!

Step 8.

Ah.. we're finally done now! So if you want, you can colour it in, or just leave it how it is! I hope you enjoyed it ya'll! I'll be back with more! Hopefully..

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Artist: Ruby_X
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Description: Heey peeps! I had quite a few people asking me to do a tut on these cute little chibis from Assassin's Creed, since some people loved the drawing i did on this. So here it is! Sorry if the steps wasn't really clear.. it was pretty hard for me to do those steps cause' this was drawn a 3DS. Gah! Connor isnt in there! I have to draw him, hes my love!! ( sowieh.. i really do love him here! ) I will draw a chibi Connor!! So you gotta wait till then XD.. but anyway, i hope you'll enjoy this tut, so happy drawing!