How to Draw Ezio from Assassins Creed

Artist: Ruby_X / September 29, 2012

Step 1.

First up, just draw a simple oval-ish shape for Ezio's head

Step 2.

Secondly, draw the rest of Ezio's body layout. Yesh.. i know, it looks creepy xD

Step 3.

Now that we've done Ezio's layout, we can start off with drawing his face and his hoodie >:3

Step 4.

Then just draw his shoulder

Step 5.

Next draw the rest of Ezio's arm and wrist

Step 6.

After that, just draw his hand with his hidden blade and the rest of the details

Step 7.

Now lets start drawing the main part of his collar :3

Step 8.

Then add the little details on his collar

Step 9.

Nowz draw the other half of his collar with the details and the little belt going accross c:

Step 10.

Now lets start drawing the main part of his clothes ~ yesh i know.. i'm no good at explaining xD

Step 11.

Before going onto the rest of Ezio's clothes, lets just Quickly add his left arm x3

Step 12.

Now add the details onto his arm and glove thingy.. xP

Step 13.

Moving onto the rest of Ezio's body, just draw the layout of his pouch and waist

Step 14.

After that, draw the main details on his belt and pouch bag x]

Step 15.

Last but not least... draw the rest of Ezio's cape and rub out the layout and mistakes...! Phew finally xD i hope you enjoyed this tut..! Happy drawing peeps!

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Artist: Ruby_X
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Description: Heey peeps! It's been quite a while i haven't uploaded any tuts... but here i am with a new tutorial, on " How to Draw Ezio from Assassins Creed" Yup.. yet it's another AC tut.. x] Not only afew people asked me to do a tutorial on this quick sketch on Ezio, but also i made a promise to my best friend, Sharona ( Links_Triforce ) to make a Ezio tut.. but i'm sorry if it isn't what you wanted >-< been quite busy.. anyway, i hope you have fun trying out this tut! I'll be back sooner or later...!