How to Draw Connor Kenway From Assassins Creed 3


To start off, just draw a ovalish shape for Connor's head.


Secondly, draw the main base of his body.


Thirdly, draw the rest of Connor's main body layout. Kinda looks scary xD...


Now that we've finished Connor's layout, lets go onto his main face shape and his hoodie.


Next draw his face, the pattern of his hood and the rest of the shape of his hoodie.


Now just draw his neck and his collar. :D i can just hug him now...


Next just draw the start of his Chest design and draw those leather belt thingies across his chest. Pretty simple, so don't worry!


Now draw his right arm and the main design.


Just quickly draw the rest of the details onto his right arm. I'm trying to explain each step clearly so it'll be easier for you, so thats why it may be quite alot steps xD


Now just draw the whole of his chest or torso and the design of his coat. It may look a bit much on this step, but bare with me! I'm trying to make it the easiest i can!


We're almost finishing.. just draw the top rim of his arm on the left and draw out the ruffles at the side.


Now just draw the whole of his left arm and the design.


Last but not least.. draw the rest of the details and his arrows with his bow!! Taaadahh! You've drawn my love! xD.. meow.. hes so cute! Haha.. i hope you enjoyed this tut!

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August 20, 2012

Description: Hiya guys! I'm back with another special tutorial! Yesh!! Finally.. it's not a chibi tut this time ( although its still based on Assassin's Creed! ).. but its still a cute tut.. how you say? Cause Connor is so freaking cute n handsome! *fangirl moments* Yup... Connor is my weak point.. i can NEVER live without him!! OMGGGGGG just look at him! Argh.. took me quite a while to make this tut.. :3 i just had to make another Connor tut.. hes da best Assassin evea! In my opinion :P... i love everything about him! Hes just amazing... and so Unique from all Assassins! Espically his real name... Ratonhnhaké:ton.. so damn Unique! I love that name 3:.. D: I swear.. i feel like blowing up! Eeek! Haha before i go.. i'd like to also to tell you that you should also check out Dawn's tut on how to draw Connor Kenway ( Its in a different pose though and much better than mine! ) So i hope you'll enjoy this loving tut while ima go wid Connor to have a lil fun ^^... cya guys! Ill be back soon!

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