How To Draw Chibi Connor From Assassins Creed


First up, just draw a eggish circle shape for a start on Connor's head.


Secondly, draw the main layout of his arms and hands. Don't worry, the left hand may be bigger than the other, because it's supposed to be like that.


Thirdly, draw the layout of his legs and those cute little feet!


Alright, since we finished off Connor's layout, when can start drawing his cuteness! So just draw the main shape of his head and draw his face. Gahh, cuteness these days...


Next, draw his arms and hands with those bands attached to his arms. It may not look much at the moment, but keep going!


Then draw the legs and feet properly with a few patches on them. These patches are there to let you know where the dark/light shading is going to be, like shown on the main finished picture. And there to give a little more detail.


And now the very last step, just draw the rest of the details on his chest, the rest of his coat thats resting on the ground and then finally,draw the shadow behind him.


Ah. Finally, we're finished! So now you can colour Connor in! Make sure you do it nicely so he wont get hurt! XD I really hope you've enjoy this tutorial even though it wasn''t my best, ill be back with more soon!

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August 9, 2012

Description: Heey guys! I'm back once again with another tut on " How To Draw a Chibi Connor From Assassin's Creed" Haha, FINALLY! A Connor chibi!! D'awhh.. hes so cute!! Man.. i love you Connor.. i'd marry you anyday,anywhere!Sorry,XD.. anyways, sorry if the steps look dont look good :S i couldn't undo the mistakes i did.. the "undo-button" decided to hate me and not work. Worst glitch ever.. -_-.. but hey, i tried my best! I'm kinda annoyed that i didn't do this tut perfect D: but still, i hope you'll enjoy it! Happy drawing guys! Hehe, bai Connor :D xxx

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