How to Draw a Chibi Neko Girl in Fall

Artist: catlucker / September 29, 2012

Step 1.

Draw lightly the circle with your No. 2 pencil. Make sure you leave enough room to draw her body.

Step 2.

Now draw the bisecting line.

Step 3.

Sketch in her cute jawline.

Step 4.

Here is something familiar I normally do for my portrait tuts. Draw in those red guidelines, lightly now, to position her eyes.

Step 5.

She is starting to shape up. You can sketch in her neck and chest.

Step 6.

Seriously, these are sooo cute! I'm giggling right now. Continue on with her cutie shoulders and abdomen.

Step 7.

Yes! You get to do hips! Draw lightly the beginning of her arms and hips.

Step 8.

Awwww, add in those cutie forearms. Leave the first one's lines open. And now sketch in her thighs. Keep close to how the picture looks.

Step 9.

Take your time to do her hands, fingers, knees and lower legs.

Step 10.

Now we can start on her features, eyebrows, bangs, eyes, nose, and mouth. These you can draw just a little bit darker to look different from your guidelines.

Step 11.

I have fashioned this tut after LoveTheNekos Chibi Nekos tuts. So the next normal step is to draw out the body for accuracy. This means when you draw in the clothes, it will look believable. Take your time, no need to rush.

Step 12.

Now you can swirl that hair around her and draw a cute pair of ears on her head.

Step 13.

You can now draw in all the cutie fashion details like her jacket, belt, shorts, and purse. Don't forget her eyes either. Guess what? She's got a purse too with tassels. Looks like she's just been to the mall drinking a Slurpy!

Step 14.

I made this line drawing especially for you.

Step 15.

You can even color her with crayons, color pencil, watercolor or even digitally. Whatever way you find that is the most fun for you would be great. This was so much fun to do. This is the first Anime I have ever done in Photoshop and nearly the first   

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Artist: catlucker
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Description: Okay, I have fallen in love with LoveTheNekos Chibi's. I always wanted to do some kind of Anime, but I didn't know how to color in Adobe Photoshop or even draw the style. Thanks to LoveTheNekos and Dawn, I've learned soooo much. This is no way near as good as their works, but at least I attempted. I hope you will enjoy drawing this Chibi Girl Neko in the Fall. Let me know if I even hit the makr. Please tell me what you think by faving, commenting and clicking on "Love It." Thank you all!