How to Draw a Chibi Altair From Assassins Creed


Alright, first up just draw a simple circle-ish shape for Altair's head, it doesn't have to be perfect.


Secondly, lets draw the rest of Altair's body by drawing a simple template.


After that, we can now move onto his head and face, just draw the shape of the hoddie and draw this face and his eye. Awwe.. doesn't he look cute already??


Next, draw his shoulder,arm,hands and his weapons attached on his back.


This step is probably the easiest step on this tut, just draw the cute little apple and the detail on his glove!


Next, draw his belt and his cute little bag on the side with some of his weapons and add a little more detail onto his hoodie.


Now, you can draw the rest of his cute clothing with some more details :P


Last but not least, just draw his cute feet and more ruffles onto his hood. And taa-dah! You've drawn the cutest Altair Chibi evea in history! Haha, i hope you enjoyed it! Ill be back with more AC stuff soon ;) cya for now!

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August 8, 2012

Description: Heey guys! I'm back with another tut! But once again, its based on Assassin's Creed.. again. ( Yeah i know.. AC all the way for me! But this time, this tut is on a chibi Altair, in a super-dupah-cute style! Isn't he just cah-ute!? I also have a chibi Connor that i'm working on.. FINALLY! I just need to add more detail onto him and add colour, this may take time.. i want him to be perfect, since hes my love. ^^ Ah god, this is supposed to be about Altair here! XD Anyway.. i hope you'll enjoy this cute tut on " How To Draw A Chibi Altair" D'awh.. hes eating his apple.. that makes me want to eat one too.. i guess i'll catch you later guys!

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