How to Draw Anime Lips


Here is an example of three different types of anime lips. As you can see the further they get down the line, the more defined and fuller they get.


This is a sketch of how to draw anime lips the right way, and how to draw them the wrong way. Obviously you are going to want to do things right.


Another quick sketch here on the many different types of anime style lips that you can choose to draw for your character. Take a peek at what you see here and get started.


Start by drawing a single semi arched line for the middle of the lips.


Define the very line you just previously drew, and then draw in the bottom part of the lip like you see here.


Next, draw in the sloped line for the middle part of the top lip, and then draw out the shape of the bottom lip like you see here.


Lastly, sketch out the two sides of the lips, ad then you are done. Notice how the lip lines don't connect fully this is because anime lips are usually drawn in a very subtle way.


Look how nice the lips look now that you are all done. Color them in or use them in your next anime character. I hope you had fun people.

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March 31, 2011

Description: How many tutorials have you found on the web that shows you the ins and outs to drawing anime mouths? Dragoart is definitely a site that has more than one lesson on this very subject. I was thinking about a new tutorial that I could do that would be helpful, and fun at the same time. After careful thought and no ideas in sight, I was lucky enough to get a request to do a lesson on “how to draw anime lips, step by step. One of my favorite parts to this tutorial is the finished colored in image. I really did have a lot of fun making this lesson and if you are one of those people that had trouble with drawing anime or manga lips, have no fear because this tutorial is here. Even though a majority of anime characters don't have a whole lot of shape or contouring to their mouths, they are sometimes created with lips. When you draw that small bump under the mouth line that is essentially a lip. This submission has a lot of tips and examples on how to draw anime lips. If you would like to see another tutorial on something else that is based on anime or manga, just drop me a request and I will fill it as soon as I can. In the mean time have fun with this lesson, and be sure to start using what you just learned on one of your character creations. Adios people and enjoy the drawing day!

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