How to Draw Teeth

Artist: Dawn / September 14, 2009

Step 1.

This is really not a first step, it's more like different sketched out mouths of teeth and such. Take a quick look at these sketched teeth and mouths.

Step 2.

Start with a narrow oval shape for the mouth that will hold your teeth. Next draw a vertical line down the middle and then a curved line that will separate the top teeth from the bottom teeth.

Step 3.

You will now start drawing out the gum line that has different shaped arches for each tooth that is going to be drawn in your mouth.

Step 4.

You will now draw out the top teeth and make sure that they are drawn out evenly and correctly so that you get a perfect set of teeth.

Step 5.

You will now draw out the gum line for the bottom row of teeth and then what you want to make sure you do is line up the middle line of the two bottom teeth to the two top teeth. Erase your guidelines and move to the finished step.

Step 6.

This is how your teeth should look when you are done. Move to the next step to learn how to draw the mouth.

Step 7.

Draw the shape of a top lip and a bottom lip. You can sketch out your lips as thick as you like depending on your preference. Erase the guidelines and move to the finished line art step.

Step 8.

Here is what your mouth and teeth should come out looking like when you are done. i hope you liked learning "how to draw teeth step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: This is going to be another educational tutorial on a part of the human body that I think you guys will enjoy. I am about to show you “how to draw teeth", step by step. The human mouth contains a bunch of complex things and what we perceive to be the least complex is our teeth. There is an age old question that some of us know the answer to, and then again some of us have no idea what the answer is. The question that I am referring to is “how many teeth are in the human mouth?” Well the first set of teeth you have are called the “deciduous teeth”. And what I mean by “first set”, I am talking about the baby teeth that we all had at one point in our lives. When we were little, our mouths had a total of twenty deciduous teeth. When the rip age of six rolls around, a child will start to loose their teeth. Once your teeth start growing back you are now filling your mouth with your permanent teeth. The human mouth has thirty two teeth and there is three different types of teeth to do three different things. First you have the incisors which are your teeth in the front, these teeth are for cutting. Then your mouth has canines which are used for tearing, and then finally you have your molars which grind up the food into small chunks so that you are able to swallow what you eat. See, our teeth are really less complex than we thought. This tutorial will show you how to draw teeth step by step”. It is important that we all take care of our permanent teeth because it is the last set of teeth we will ever have. Unless of course you choose to go with dentures. Anyways, have fun with this super lesson guys and I will be back later with more drawing fun. Peace out and happy drawing!