How to Draw Tangled

Artist: Dawn / March 31, 2011

Step 1.

Draw two circle shapes for the heads, and then draw in the guidelines for the faces, and for the body poses.

Step 2.

Here you will start sketching out the shapes of both of their faces and you will also need to draw out the ear shapes, and front hair lines as well.

Step 3.

As you can see Rapunzel and Flynn are going to start looking like themselves. Start by sketching out the shapes of their eyes using the facial guidelines you drew in step one. When that is done, draw in the eyebrows, and then draw the noses and begin   

Step 4.

Continue to draw in the eyes until they are complete. The next thing to do is to finish sketching out the noses, as well as their mouths. Add some detailing inside of Rapunzel's ear.

Step 5.

The only thing you have to do here is sketch out the hairstyles for both characters. Rapunzel has long, straight locks, and Eugene has a very typical style. Be sure to draw out the arch in her hair.

Step 6.

Now that the couple have their heads and faces all drawn in, its time to get the bodies drawn out. Start with the necks, and then begin sketching out the torsos. As for Eugene or Flynn, you will need to draw out his shoulders, and then the arms.

Step 7.

Draw out his hand that is on her shoulder and then draw in her arm. Next, draw out his right arm and hand like so, and then draw in the shoulder lining that makes a vest in the end. You will need to draw the undershirt collar, and the first two butto   

Step 8.

Finish drawing out the detailing on their clothes like the rest of his buttons, and the tied lace that is in the middle of her dress. Add some lines to her puffed shoulders and then draw some dress trim lining as well. Before you go, you will need to   

Step 9.

Now that your drawing is done, you can start coloring in the two popular characters from the movie Tangled. I hope you liked this lesson, and be sure to join me once again.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: So my seven year old sister just got the new movie Tangled yesterday, but she never went to go see it in the theaters before the DVD release. I had no idea that my parents bought her the movie until later that night, and to be completely honest with you I had no intentions of watching the movie myself. I was ready to walk away from borrowing the DVD until my brother said that they where on the fifth time of watching the movie. After that statement I was like β€œwhat”? So after they feel asleep I grabbed the flick and popped it into the player. The toddler version of Rapunzel was completely adorable and her voice was so incredibly cute. The funniest character of the movie was Flynn, or should I say Eugene. All three main characters Rapunzel, Eugene, and Maximus makes wanting to keep watching the movie worth your while. I did however get a bit bored with the singing. I felt that the movie didn't need to have scenes that involved singing. I think Disney was going for another Little Mermaid, or another movie they created where the characters have singing spots. Anyways, this lesson is going to show you "how to draw Tangled", step by step. The two characters I used for this tutorial is of course Eugene, and Rapunzel. I was just going to make a tutorial with just Flynn, but I decided that drawing the couple would be better at first. My final analysis about the movie, if you haven't seen it yet, go and see it soon. Even if you have to rent it for a night from the Redbox. Anyways, enjoy the tutorial on "how to draw Tangled", and I will be back soon with more drawing fun.