How to Draw Mouths

Artist: Dawn / September 1, 2010

Step 1.

I'm going to introduce you to lots of tips to achieve drawing a mouth quite nicely. 1, the teeth at the edges of the mouth end a few centimeters short and fades off into shadows. You NEVER see teeth stretch all the way towards the ends of the mouth.    

Step 2.

Most stubborn troubles that an artist encounters, is drawing the mouth from a side angle. It literally took me two years to accurately draw a mouth believable. My super power was observing manga comics like Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note. As an artis   

Step 3.

Now, here's a view of a 3/4 upper view of the mouth. This can get a bit tricky, but if you simplify it, you'll have satisfying results. 1, draw the other other side of the teeth that lays besides the first row. You won't be able to see the full set o   

Step 4.

Here's a small and sweet diagram of the male and female lips. I made the lips a bit simplified so any amateur can draw it. 1, a female upper lip has to be defined by a sharp dip. Simply draw this curve first and then flesh out the other sides of the    

Step 5.

If you want to draw a mouth biting on something from the side view, you'll have to understand these rules. 1, you should be able to see a slight view of the other side of the mouth. This is ideal to add dimension to the mouth. 2, the nose lays on top   

Step 6.

A simple diagram showing you where to shade. Shading adds life and dimension as well as depth to your drawings. Add subtle shadows to the top of these lips to make them seem 3D.

Step 7.

This is one of my favorite drawings of this tutorial. Here I will show you some of the basics of an "angry" mouth. When drawing a clenched mouth, you'll have to focus on the indications of gum that encircle the upper and lower edges of the teeth. You   

Step 8.

So, let's take what you learned into a practicing exercise. I ALWAYS start off my mouths with a simple line that lays where the mouth parts shall be placed. Draw the line(s) for your desired mouth view.

Step 9.

Let's begin this step by drawing the noses, lips, and lip creases. They should be kept in tune with the guidelines. Take note, that when drawing guidelines, draw them very lightly so they'll be easy to erase in the future.

Step 10.

Lasly, finish off the mouths with what's needed. Some of these mouths are so simple to draw, that there's no need for guidelines.

Step 11.

Here's the finished line art that your mouth(s) should resemble. If it doesn't appear like you planned, don't worry, the fun doesn't stop there! As an artist, you must always practice, get different sources of inspiration to continue burning that "fi   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey all! Good midnight to all who are viewing this tutorial right this second as I type! I've prepared a super huge tutorial for all you avid artists to heave into that artistic brain of yours. I was watching an artist today that goes by the name of “Santiago”. He was having some troubles drawing mouths so the idea struck me that I should submit a tutorial on “how to draw mouths, step by step”. This small and simple part of the human head can be somewhat crafty to the new coming artists. Consider observing other artists and how they sketch their views of mouths. I devour and examine all the styles on how the masters of art like Tite Kubo and Masashi Kishimoto. It's essential to observe and attain inspiration. I've already said this in the tutorial on Step 11. When you “draw a mouth”, you'll want to focus on where the position of the head is set as well as what emotion the person is feeling. These are two essential details you must lay your focus on. Inside a mouth is obviously teeth, right? Well, you'll discover that drawing extremely detailed and realistic teeth is quite hard, hence why I made the subjects of these drawings simplified. When drawing realistic human faces that are baring teeth, I always struggle with the teeth. Things can get pretty ugly and inaccurate to where the teeth appear to be dirty, or severely deformed looking. Almost like Quasimodo's teeth from the Hunchback of Notre Dam. The best tip I could expose, is that practice makes perfect, and so does passion. With these tools, you'll be able to accelerate the growth of improvement. Anyways, I have to go now, this tutorial is really big and it's moving onto the second hour of writing this out. Take time and care, and don't ever quit. Have fun and don't forget to leave feedback!