How to Draw Anime Hair, Draw Manga Hair

Artist: Dawn / January 29, 2017

Step 1.

Before you draw any type of hairstyle, you'll want to prepare yourself with the base of the skull. Logically, the skull/scalp is round. You'll need to start yourself off with the basis structure of the head.

Step 2.

The arrows in this step shows the indentation that is behind the neck, and how the hair should fall on the back of the neck when you sketch out the hairstyle of your choice.

Step 3.

Start the hairstyle you want. Keep in mind, hair NEVER sticks flat within the head, unless your going for a almost bald hairstyle. Use light strokes for when you draw turfs of hair at the edges. This is very important, you want the hair to look fluff   

Step 4.

Start adding details and brief - light turfs of hair. Keep in mind the direction it is moving in. 2. The hair fluffs off into tinier pieces until it fades into skin. This happens right at the edge of the neck. This principle applies to all short hair   

Step 5.

Here I demonstrate how to draw fringed hair from the front view. 1. When drawing hair looping outward into smaller strands, you'll notice the inner curl. This is very important as it's the base of the hair that turns into larger strands.

Step 6.

1. Notice how the split in the middle of the hair turns into two large separated points. This grows into larger regions and turfs. 2. Always remember the direction that the hair is moving in. The arrows indicate where the details must be drawn.

Step 7.

Let's tackle a very common hairstyle used for females or feminine males. The direction is obviously flowy and active. Remember the placement of the middle of skull to create accurate and logical hair.

Step 8.

se light strokes to create tiny turfs in spiky hairstyles. This technique applies well with fur.

Step 9.

When you're drawing hair, you'll be requiring a few basic techniques in order to achieve nice and clean hair. From the root to tip, you must have a specific style of line weight as well as definition. From the root, start with darkened lines for larg   

Step 10.

Using foreshadow shading will bring dimension forth in your drawings. Add shading to the darker parts of the hair/figure; depicting your light source and keeping value as you shade from dark to light.

Step 11.

To draw the female face you see in the thumbnail, you will need to start with a circle for her head, then sketch in in the facial guidelines.

Step 12.

Using the shape you just made, sketch out the shape of her face from a 3/4 view angle. The cheek should be prominent, and the chin should be lightly pointed. Draw out the ear, then you are done here.

Step 13.

We will be giving our hair model some very big, bold eyes. Start with the simple circles, then thicken the top lid lines. Add some small but thin lashes, then you can draw out the side view of her nose.

Step 14.

Finish drawing the eyes, then draw in her simple style mouth. Sketch in the definition inside of her ears, then draw and color in the eyebrows.

Step 15.

Now that her pretty face is all drawn in, choose the hairstyle that you want to go with. I wanted my female model to have a curly ponytail with long hanging bangs that fall on either side of her face, and curl at the ends. Sketch in some detailing at   

Step 16.

Cap off the back of her head, then draw in the long thin ponytail which will rest on her shoulder. Sketch in the definition to her hair for added texture.

Step 17.

Lastly, we will draw out only the visible part of her body which is the neck, back, and arms. Her torso is being viewed and drawn from the side which should make things a lot easier. Sketch out the shape of her neck, draw out the back, then add the a   

Step 18.

When all is said and done, this is how your anime model comes out looking. She is cute, and ready to be used as a character. Thanks for viewing folks!

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Description: Hey guys! I'm back with another anime full length lesson :) Because I haven't submitted any detailed tuts for a while (besides the dragon and abstract kiss tutorial), I'm going to create another one, just for your anime lovers. This tutorial will include helpful tips that will give you the 101 on drawing anime hair easy. I've tried a new style with the preview image, and in the future, I plan to create tuts specifically on how to color in Photoshop and other digital painting programs. Working on this tut was so much fun, I'm sure you guys will enjoy. In this new addition, I will show you in easy steps 'how to draw manga hair', step by step. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!