How to Draw Dynamic Hair

Artist: ladyartist194 / March 1, 2012

Step 1.

draw a circle, and add guidelines

Step 2.

add the out line of the hair and bangs, make sure the crown whorl is on the back of the head, or it will result in dweeby hair

Step 3.

add shape to the head. this is optional but it may be helpful.

Step 4.

start building up the bangs in the direction the breeze is flowing. in this example, it is at a low angle

Step 5.

start building up the length of the hair, similar to how you built up the bangs

Step 6.

build up the individual locks more, again, this depends on the angle of the breeze

Step 7.

continue to add volume, but place locks on top and behind the others, and add some near the face

Step 8.

add any finishing touches, shading, and youre finished

Step 9.

add any finishing touches, shading, and youre finished

Step 10.

to apply this to short hair a dude hair, follow the first few steps but modify it to make it guy hair. since the hair is shorter, the key is to portray the movement in the bangs. also, a breeze will add volume to short hair, or any hair

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Artist: ladyartist194
Date Added: March 1, 2012
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Description: a tutorial showing how to draw dynamic hair/ wind blown hair