How to Draw Chibi Hair

Artist: HeartOfNature / January 3, 2015

Step 1.

We're gonna start with the male models. Draw in the very basic guidelines and whatnot. Done? Sweet. Remember to draw lightly, in case you make a mistake (I have trouble with this).

Step 2.

Now sketch out the face shapes and eye guidelines. Chibis have humongous eyes and therefore very large foreheads. Remember that whenever you draw chibis. They need to have huge foreheads.

Step 3.

Now for the eyes (without pupils). I drew different kinds of eyes for different character types/emotions. From left to right: Cocky and proud, docile and laid-back, timid and shy, easygoing.

Step 4.

Now we add the mouth and nose. Because chibis have such large eyes and foreheads, their mouths are fairly small unless they are in the midst of an outrageous reaction. Their noses are also tiny- some artists don't even draw them.

Step 5.

Finish off the eyes and add eyebrows. Male chibis' eyebrows are closer to the eye than females'.

Step 6.

Finally, we draw the hair. Hair style and colour is (are?) pretty useful in conveying a character's persona. I'll mention the colours that the hair is going to be as well, since that can help. Left to right: A long blonde ponytail and long bangs- thi   

Step 7.

Now we move on to the girls! I apologize in advance for the poor colouration job on these models- I recently acquired new coloured pencils and I'm still adjusting.

Step 8.

Draw in the facial shapes and guidelines for these girls.

Step 9.

Draw in the eyes now. I left out the eyebrows by accident, so you can fill them in.

Step 10.

Finally, we do the hair and expressions. Once again, this will be important in conveying characters' persona. Left to right: This chick, with spikey, short hair, is a tomboy with a love for adventure. The girl with long, wavy hair (who accidentally e   

Step 11.

Finally, ink your drawing and let it dry. Colour in your characters and don't make that poor girl resemble Kakuzu (Kakuzu: My name is copyrighted. Pay up. Me: THAT WAS A JOKE! GO BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM OR SOMETHING!). Until we meet again! Adi   

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Artist: HeartOfNature
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Description: Man! It's been so long since I did a tutorial! Hello! Happy New Years! Merry Late Christmas! Any other random greetings I forgot! So, this is a tutorial on "How to Draw Chibi Hair", as I'm sure you can tell from the title. Anyways, I don't think anyone bothers reading this thing, so LET'S GO!!!! Enjoy le tutorial!