How To Draw Unicorns


First off you have to understand just what a unicorn is. It's a glorified horse, that's it. Someone took a horse and stuck a horn on it's head. But still you have to know just where to place that horn. It should go just about in the middle of the for   


Now there are different types of horns you can choose from when designing your unicorn depending on how brutal or delicate you want it to be. You can choose a saw like horn, or the ever to popular twisted one. Even a long slender horn like a wizard's   


Now for the mane. You can go where you like with this one really. You can do the common gravity defying mane that constantly looks like the wind is blowing it, or long and sleek. Curly or wavy.


Now we're at the end of the tips section and the back end of our unicorn. That's right, now it's time to look at the tails. Like the mane, tales can come in different styles. You can mix and match to get the look you like. Wavy or sleek, gravity defy   


Now that you understand the parts of the unicorn, we can get to glorifying our horse. Like in all pictures, we'll start with a frame to work off of. You want to start off with a frame that you would use for a horse. A long rectangular face. Circles t   


Next we'll flesh her out a bit more, defining the legs, neck and overall shape of the body.


Despite not being human or having a need for clothes, our unicorn in looking very naked. We'll add her mane and tail and the hair around her hooves now along with her horn. I went with the gravity defying tail and mane, but feel free to choose differ   


Now all that's left is to define the details. Using a nuetral dark color or black, line and add the details that you've drawn and want for your unicorn. I also suggest using a smaller brush that what you did your sketching in, it makes things a littl   

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November 8, 2010

Description: Here is a tutorial on "<em><strong>How to Draw Unicorns</em></strong>". It contains tips on creating your own mystical beast. From horns to tails, I have your tips here. Good Luck!

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