How to Draw Easy People

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 9, 2010

Step 1.

First we'll start off with some basic head shapes. Here we'll show the differences between male, female as well as that of a child. First off, all heads start off with a circle then we add the shape of the chin and cheeks. See how the face shape of a   

Step 2.

Now we'll take a look at different points to view the face at. We'll go from top to bottom, left to right. Our first view is profile or 1/2, and it would be as if we were looking at the person from their side. The eyes look more triangular and you ca   

Step 3.

Now we'll look over the features of the face, starting from the top and working down. First up is the eyes. Eyes are one of the two most expressive features of the face. This is because there more more muscles around your eyes than in other parts of    

Step 4.

Now for the noses. Again, like for the eyes, I've given you two sets of examples of noses, both realistic and cartoony. Noses come in all shapes and sizes, from small and round to long and pointy like that of a witch. Realistic noses have more detail   

Step 5.

Now for the mouths. Like the eyes, the lips are also very expressive, and not just because you use them to talk to people and express your feelings. The many muscles that make up your cheeks allow you to control and manipulate your mouth into differe   

Step 6.

Now that we have the parts that make up the face, let's put them to work for us. We're going to draw two faces, one cartoon/anime and one realistic to use the tips we've got here. Like up top, we're going to start with a circle then make the shape of   

Step 7.

Next we'll map out where we want every thing on the face. See how the circles for the face on the left are bigger. This will be out anime face. The features will be a little exaggerated. On the left the features will seem smaller and quite a bit more   

Step 8.

Now we'll sketch out the details of the face and define them a little. Don't worry about fully drawing them out right now, that will come in the lineart step. The face of the left is rounder but still with some angles to it. The eyes are big and the    

Step 9.

Next we'll give them some hair. The hair on the left is more blocked off, cartoon like where as the hair of our other one is made up of a bunch of little lines going in similar directions. See how the hairs go at an angle down the sides of the face,    

Step 10.

Now we can really lay on the details and define the faces more. We'll use a dark color and a finer brush and outline out details more, bringing more definition to the faces. Like in the sketch of the face, you can tell the differences between the car   

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Description: Here is a tutorial on "<em><strong>how to draw easy people</em></strong>". Here to help you understand simple face shapes and the features that make them a face. Tips for Eyes, Lips and Noses for both a more realistic look and a more cartoony feel.