How to Paint Easy Wolf Fur Digitally

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To begin, I always start off with a very dark flat color so I can build up my highlights. It's so much easier to paint fur this way, because you just build layers of highlights without the hassle of doing it the opposite way (starting off with a ligh   


Then, taking a slightly lighter color than the flats, I start blocking in where my highlights should be placed. At this stage, make sure you place all the furs that you want highlighted because later on, we're going to define these areas with lighter   


Take a tone that is slightly darker than the highlight you've laid and add this to areas which are 'overshadowed' by the first layer of fur.


Then, building up our highlights gradually, take a lighter tone than the previous and etch in defined strokes of fur in big blotches. Do not highlight defined strands of fur at this stage yet.


Then, get an even lighter tone, and start etching strands of fur flowing in the same direction as the base fur. Try not to crowd too many of these strands or it will look like a giant distracting hairball.


Lastly, taking darker and lighter tones of the fur, I go in and lightly add a few strands of definition to bring out depth and detail of the fur. It's really pretty simple. If you peeps want more lessons like this, leave a comment below and I will de   

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March 31, 2017

Description: Have you ever wondered how digital artist get that nice coat colored in when they are done drawing wolves or any other hairy beast? Well, today I will teach you how I paint wolf fur in an easy step by step lesson. Painting can be a difficult task especially if you don't know where to start and what tools from the coloring program to use. In this lesson I will do my best to lay out what you need to do to color your wolf in a fast and efficient manner. If you have waited for this lesson since forever, then forever is here because here is painting a wolf easy..

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