How to Draw Tom and Jerry

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Since you will be drawing two different characters at once, you will be doing double the work. Start by making two circles for the heads of Tom and Jerry. Next draw peanut shaped bodies on both feline and rodent, and then attach the limb guidelines a   


Let's start with Tom's head shall we? The first thing you will want to do is sketch out the back of his head. Like all cats, Tom has long hair so you will convey this through art by making sure the lining is long and stubby at the same time. Next, dr   


You will now add the rest of the lining for Tom's eyes, and then draw in the pupils. Once that is done you can sketch out the cat's nose, and lips which is the jowls, and them add some whiskers. Sketch in his eyebrows, and draw the lining for his mou   


All you have to do now is start drawing Tom's upper body which includes the arms, torso, and belly. When this is done you can move to the next step.


Finish drawing Tom's head, and then draw both of his ears. Add the lining inside of the ear, and then draw his hand that is behind his back, and then the hand that is shaking Jerry's small hand. Draw the belly lining, and then draw Jerry's arms and h   


Now that you have come this far, it's time to finish off your sketch. Draw Tom's legs, and feet and then give him his thick long tail. Draw the coat markings on the tail, and ankles, and then do the same for Jerry. Erase all the guidelines and shapes   


That's it, you just drew Tome and Jerry, and now they are ready to be colored in to become whole. I hope you had fun, and yes it was a bot of a struggle, but in the end you have learned something new.

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March 29, 2010

Description: Yesterday was a dreary day, but as soon as I popped in one of my favorite DVD's, my night went from boring, to exciting. As some of you may know, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera, are responsible for many animated shorts over the years. One of their most popular masterpieces was about a mouse and cat that hated each other, but for some odd reason couldn't live without the other. This tutorial is going to show you “how to draw Tom and Jerry", step by step. Tom is my favorite out of the duo because he tends to keep believing that he is a sly feline that can out smart the likes of Jerry Mouse. Jerry takes up residence in a whole in the wall of Mammy Two Shoes's house. She is the rightful owner of Tom, and she is the more popular of faceless characters that was created for the Tom and Jerry shorts. She got Tom so that he could do away with any mouse that came to call. Unfortunately, Jerry is a mouse that can't be reckoned with. Let's face it, even though we love Tom, Jerry is way smarter. Yeah I know that Tom has his good days, but that little mouse is pretty darn clever. Not only that but, Jerry has another weapon he often uses on Tom, Spike, the big, bad bulldog that has the jaws of a great white. If you want to just draw Tom or Jerry by themselves you can do so by following the tutorials that I have on them. I just thought it would be cool to submit the lesson “how to draw Tom and Jerry” as a set because after all that is what they truly are. I will be back later with some awesome tutorials for you all. In the mean tome have fun with these two character, and keep up the good work. And remember, it's always fun watch Tom and Jerry no matter what type of mood you're in.

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