How to Draw an Easy Unicorn


First start with the basic circle. Don't worry about it being perfect, just get it as round as you possibly can.


Now draw a jelly bean shape that is not touching the circle. make it a little slimmer towards the circle and a little larger further away. Go ahead and add in some stick legs that will help guide us.


Now you're going to add in a squared snout with a smile, the bottom part of a neck and some squared off pony legs. Don't worry about the back of the neck, it won't be shown so no need to worry about drawing it!


You can go ahead and erase the part of the circle that the snout was drawn over, part of the jelly bean shape and the stick legs. Now you can start drawing in some hair. The hair I have drawn is too complicated to do in one whole step, so start off   


Now take the basic hair, and start adding in some shag and loose hairs to make it look more complicated. Draw in the break in the hair where the ear will be coming out of.


Draw in the ear peeking out of the hair, a really big chibi eye, horn detail, and detail to the squared snout.


Now we need to get rid of that plastic unicorn look. To do that, we'll add in some shag to the hooves. Try to make the shag curve around the hoof with the directions facing the center of each hoof. It will look too unkept if you have too many hair   


now the poofy tail! Make sure the poof comes out and then almost all the way back in. This will give it a bunched poofy feel and compliments our unicorns hair!


Now you can clean up your lines, erase any extras that may have been missed and start coloring! Enjoy!

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January 19, 2011

Description: Hey ya'll! This is a special request made by one of you guys who likes to frequent my DA page and leave me nice comments and favorites. I drew this a few days ago and this person really liked it and wanted to see it turned into a tutorial! I hope everyone can enjoy this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! Have fun!

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