How to Draw an Easy Anime Face


Here is a tip that shows you how to make the eyes evenly on the face and how they should be drawn to have alignment with the cheeks. The second tip just shows you the pointed chin and how a chin style could help you draw a face with symmetry.


Here is some different styles of a face that you may not see the differences with. The hairstyles are different, and the ears are different shapes as well. Just the smallest changes can change an anime face completely.


Draw a medium sized shape for the head, and then add in the facial guidelines as well as the guidelines for the neck and torso.


Sketch out the shape of the face and chin like you see here. That is just about all you have to do in this step.


Now you will draw out the top arches of the eyes and be sure to make them bold, thick, and full of body. Sketch in the nose and then move to step six.


You will now draw out the eyes, or eyeballs, and then sketch in the eyebrows, and mouth. As you can see I added a small bump under the top lip line for the bottom lip.


Okay guys you are almost done with this tutorial. What you will do here is sketch out the style of her hair, and if you want to change the type of hairstyle, you can go ahead and do so now. Draw in an ear, and then add some detailing and definition t   


Last step here guys and as you can see all you need to do is draw in the rest of her torso in the form of some arms, chest, and back line. Draw in the collar for her tee, and then some sleeves. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one for   


Here is what your new easy anime face looks like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color her in. I hope you guys are happy with the tutorial, and I'm also happy you that you joined me for another lesson.

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April 11, 2011

Description: I’m back again and with my return, and I bring a lesson on another anime related theme. I have been getting flooded with requests and for some reason there has been one request that has been hitting my e-mail box consistently for the past two weeks. I am here today to finally fill a need for a lot of artists that want to learn "how to draw an easy anime face", step by step. There is so many ways you can tackle a new anime style face, but when you are a beginning artist the task can be a bit challenging. Hopefully I give you some aid as to how to start the process rolling when you want to draw anime faces for new characters, or for an existing figure from your favorite anime or manga series. The face that you will be drawing is cute, simple, and very doable for any level of artist to tackle. I think you will have fun, and learn something new as you try out this tutorial on drawing an easy anime face. I have also included two extra tip steps that will enable you to understand the concept of drawing an anime face as well. So have fun gang and remember to rate, comment and favorite the lesson or lessons you like. Adios peeps and enjoy the rest of your drawing day.

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