How to Draw an Easy Cat

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Draw the shape for the cats head, and then add the guidelines for the face, and body like so.


Here is how your cats head should look when you begin sketching out the actual shape. Don't forget the ears and be sure you make them look nice and pointed.


Now you can sketch out the shape of the cats body like so, and be sure to include the hind leg, back foot, and then the chest, and front leg lines.


Draw in the eyes, detail the ears, and then draw the nose tip. Once that is all set, you can finish drawing out the front legs, hind legs, and tail.


Finish off by drawing all the stripes and the pupils for the eyes. Don't forget to add the mouth and whiskers!


I didn't include the last drawing step by I will in a bit. Before you label your drawing done, you will need to draw in the eyes, whiskers, and cat spots if you like. When that is all done, erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to make your   

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September 24, 2010

Description: Another cat tutorial for you all, so be prepared to stay awake. I know that the lessons I have been submitting over the past two days are not really what you guys are expecting to see. The reason why I am doing a whole bunch of easy tutorials is because I am trying to think of the members and visitors that really don't know how to draw too well yet. So, because of this I want to draw things that are common, popular, and even well recognized. A few of the things that kids love drawing a lot of is flowers, animals, and cars. Of course there is some other fun stuff that novice artists like to draw like fantasy creatures, cartoons, and anime. I was one of those kids that enjoyed drawing tigers, anime, dragons, trolls, dwarfs, and fairies. I love the way the cat came out, the face, and body are going to be incredibly simple to draw because I drew the cat to be that way. I guess that's I all I have to tell you for this lesson, I will be back in a bit with my last two tutorials for the day. But in the meantime, you can tackle this tutorial on "how to draw an easy cat". So stick around to see what else I have for you. Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day.

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