How to Draw an Anthro Dragon, Anthro Dragon


First, let's begin by drawing the essential guidelines that build the form and proportions of this anthro. I would prefer drawing the head circle first, then the midsection. Take your time with this procedure to enlighten your luck with success.


Then, let's draw the top of the head, keeping in check of the various shapes that curve around the shapes. Sketch through this lightly until you've got a first draft.


Next, let's sketch the regions of detailed horn, nostrils, and eye which is slightly cartoony. Start the jaw by drawing the first lip then the outer one that surrounds it. This way, you'll have a better insight on the jaw form.


Sketching the neck, carefully sketch the muscles that form around the neck and the shoulders. Stop drawing after you've finished the chest, which is rather empty in the middle in place for the arm.


Taking a deep breath, let's sketch the arm that overlaps the chest, rather than the arm that's to the right. Make the fingers almost dinosaur-like but still somewhat humanoid.


Shifting our expertise of attention to the pelvis and legs; let's keep the outlines bold. Use light line weight for the inner details formed around the shapes, defining muscle on the dragon.


Once again, take a deep breath and prepare to draw the feet and claws inclining into the thighs. I suggest drawing the left side first, mainly because it's easier to handle. Keep the claws sharp, similar to a dinosaur or chicken foot. Detail the ridg   


Let's start off with the left wing first, practicing the process to make drawing the right wing easier. Never draw too much random regions! It will confuse you from drawing the wings equally. Finish by drawing the right wing, using light line wights    


Enclose the wings by drawing the four major finger points on the wings. The reason we draw only four wing fingers/membrane sections, is because the wing finger at the top sums to five fingers, similar to a human. I'm adding half of human and half of   


Lastly, using light line weight, draw the scales that detail the underside of the dragon. For example, the neck, chest, thighs and the underside of the tail. This add a melodic look of a reptilian creature and human.


With further proofing your draft, you're ready for inking! Ink your drawing with either Micron pens or markers to result with bold and clean lines similar to the ones above. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson, thank you so much for viewing! Peace and    

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March 7, 2017

Description: Hey guys, welcome to another tutorial on, “how to draw an anthro dragon, step by step”. This was requested by tons of members on DragoArt; always leaving comments on my page to show them a tutorial on “drawing anthro dragons”. Be sure to equip yourself with varied graphite pencils, paper, eraser (preferably kneaded), and a circular object to trace around for accurate circle drawing. If you're novice at drawing dragons, start off with simple dragon tuts here; maybe the elemental ones? Make sure you check the category on the site where it shows you various beasts similar to this. You'll probably have a cleaner start once you've practiced those first. If you're an intermedite or difficult leveled artist, you can try this one or many of the complex tuts here. Anyways, I've had so much fun drawing this during livestream last night. All you watchers kept me company for 2 ½ hours, and I appreciate that. Hopefully this tutorial will serve your savage dragon cravings; thanks so much for viewing this tutorial and don't forget to leave feedback on how you did. Peace out and share the love, my friends!

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