How to Draw a Ghost Dragon, Ghost Dragon

Artist: Dawn / December 8, 2011

Step 1.

First, let's start with the essential guidelines that will form he basis of the body. You'll want to draw these as accurate as possible or maybe skip them if you feel brave enough. Use varied circles and try keeping them from relating in size. Also n   

Step 2.

Then, we will start forming our dragon by starting with the head FIRST. I cannot stress enough that by starting with the head is extremely helpful. Not only does it proportion the body easily, but it will credit your drawing speed in the future. Our    

Step 3.

Let's finish the head by sketching the facials, which have a pattern smothered around the eye. This gives the dragon a ghastly appearance of tire and ware. Use light lines for further detailing in the horns and teeth. You don't want to use the same l   

Step 4.

Let's get risky and challenging by drawing the entire neck and the shape of the back. I do this because of the ease at drawing the rest of by body by establishing a defined area to place your future lines. Sketch lightly, and try not to stray from th   

Step 5.

We'll engage ourselves into creating the arms and fingers for this creature. You'll want to start with the base of the arm first, then work your way onto the fingers first, regardless of the details. First comes the shape, THEN the detail.

Step 6.

Look at our success! Next, time to draw the leg. Now this may look intimidating, but it isn't once you've start sketching. Draw the underbelly first and then the beginning arch of the leg. Keep your distance and measure the width of the leg/toes comp   

Step 7.

Finish the rest of the legs and the spiral of the tail. You can go all crazy on the flames, perhaps add your own zest to it. It all depends on your skill level with drawing dragons.

Step 8.

Time to sketch the basis of the wing by starting with the arch of the wing arm and eventually the overlapping fingers/membrane. I like to draw my wings overlapping to add diversity and motion to the creature. Remember to use angular shapes for most o   

Step 9.

Then, finish off the wing, keeping in mind that because this dragon is of the undead, you'll have to sketch ripped and torn wings. Maybe you can use this feature on the rest of the body. Maybe torn limbs or ripped flesh. I wanted to keep this simple    

Step 10.

Let's simply draw the background wing, using light lines for definition. That wasn't so hard!

Step 11.

Lastly, using VERY LIGHT lines, detail the belly with thick plated scales. This is essential for this guy, since it will ad contrast and depth to the overall drawing.

Step 12.

With further improvement on the proportions, line art, and careful observation, you should have something like this. If not, then redraw using the tutorial, or add your own little twist. I hope you guys enjoyed another addition of a dragon tut. Thank   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 8, 2011
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Description: Are you rockin' for another dragon tutorial? I know I am, and I drew this ghastly guy up during livestream last night. I had so much fun skimming through the process of “drawing a ghost dragon”, step by step. There's a lot of details in this sucker so I'll list this as an intermediate tutorial. There should be time consideration between each step, evaluating where each line should be placed based to how close to the guidelines you are. Make sure you take your time, I cannot stress this enough. If you're not so good at drawing dragons, please check my older dragon tutorials which guide you through the process of drawing the various styles of arms, legs, faces, and bodies. I would recommend viewing the “how to draw dragon heads” and the “how to draw a wyvern” tutorial. These two resourceful tuts show the process of various styles you can adapt to in your next mythical drawings. Anyways, I best get moving onto my next tutorials which should be fun. If you think I should do more dragons, please leave a comment below stating your suggestion. Thanks for viewing and have an awesome week!