How to Draw a Llama for Kids

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Make a circle for the llama's head and then draw a neck line that is connected to an egg shape which is going to be for the animals body.


Using the shape you made for the llama's head, draw out the boxy snout or muzzle, and then draw in the long narrow ears.


Draw out the shape of the llama's eye and be sure to make the lining thick, dark, or bold. Sketch a nose line and move to step four.


Now that the head and face is drawn, you will need to draw in the lining that will form the neck and body of this animal. The lines should be bumpy because as you know llama have curly fur.


Draw the front legs, and then draw out the hind legs as well. You will also need to draw the lines for the hooves, and then sketch out the tail.


Once you are all done drawing, and cleaned up the sketch, you can start coloring in your llama to perfection.

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November 15, 2011

Description: Okay guys, I can’t believe I never made a tutorial on "how to draw a llama for kids", step by step. These wonderful animals have great personalities and are often owned by more than a few of farmers, and even urban dwelling farmers. Llamas have been popping up all over the place especially where I live. Last summer there was a few llama driven contests at a few harvesting fairs that happen every year where I am located. I’m pretty sure I have a regular tutorial on the llama, but if I don’t I will find out and make one right away. At least when you tackle this lesson you will have an easier time with making a llama because it’s in a for kids style. So go ahead and get busy with drawing a llama for kids. I will get started with finishing another tutorial for you guys to enjoy. Peace people and enjoy!

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