How to Draw An Anime Guy


ok to start off, draw the head and back guide-line. Make sure you leave some room for the rest of the face.


Next you add in the right shoulder, and both of the upper arms. also adding in the hips here.


Now for the elbow joints, then adding the thigh guides and joints.


We're going for a relaxed pose, so the legs are crossed at the ankles and he is leaning on on arm. Here we also add in the rest of the face and one of the hands.


Ok now it gets a little hard, adding some of the outline of his torso and hips*. The other hand is partially hidden, and the feet are crossed. *I actually change a couple of lines so dont press to hard with the pencil here.


Here we add almost all of the outline, the lines are still subject to change a little in the next step.Remember to keep the lines as relaxed as possible.


Ok, here i kinda stuffed up, but you should still be able to follow. So here we get rid of the "bone structure" and add in the other arm. I also extended the chest and edited the back line.


Just the shirt here, remember you dont HAVE to follow my clothing style for him! feel free to add your own.


PANTS, and again. You know what i'm going to say.... remember the folds at bent joints.


Now for the face, i actually got rid of the guide lines here. So if you need them.. uh you should know where they go.


The nose does need to be much, just two slightly curved lines.


Now for the mouth and eyebrows. Remember his head is in a relaxed position so its slightly tilted.


The eyes, i didnt do a small step by step thing here. But the eyes are made up of three main lines really, the eyelashes, the iris and the lower eyelashes. Not to much work. REMEMBER.. they are on an angle.


The hair... now here you can create your own, or attempt to follow my dodgy hair-work. There are plenty of tuts on hair >> so if your stuck, check here, or check a different tut to whatever takes your fancy.


Just extra detailing on the hair, making sure it looks good.


Here we add the clothing folds onto the pants and shirt. ... i actually forgot to draw in the hands before i finished the picture... hehe... but anyway the lower-most hand shouldn't be to hard to draw, but there is always the fantastic tut on hands b   


OK well done! your finished! hope you like my second tutorial :D anyway have fun drawing and PEACEOFF!! Boop!

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July 29, 2012

Description: shut up Lallie, i know it looks similar to Jasper XD!! Hello again Dragoart! here is a tutorial on how to draw an Anime Guy, it's pretty simple so yeah.

#how to draw anime
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