How to draw toteo


Draw the quick guidelines LIGHTLY. Then we can proceed to the next step.


Draw the simple shape of her face.


Sketch in the simple shaped hat and her some of hair.


Draw her cone like body and her cartoony little chibi like arms. Add the little cat ears on her hat


Okay we're ALMOST done here, now draw the rest of her hair which kinda looks like a cape. Draw the facial features on her hat AND on her face. Just two simple dots for her eyes, same with her hat. Everything is self explanatory. Now excuse me I'm gon   


Snore.... Snore..... Oh what? Your done? Well I hope you had fun. Stay tune for new tuts! BYE! ZZZZZZ..... Snore.... snore..

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April 14, 2012

Description: Hi again, I back with another tutorial! This one will be " how to draw toeto" ANother thing from vocaloid, I love the song so I hope you will like the tutorial. Peace out

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