How to Draw Anime Eyes

Artist: Dawned / March 12, 2012

Step 1.

First of all you are going to want to draw the outline of the eyes and the top eyelashes and the bottom lashes, then just draw the shines in the eyes! It looks like an eye already, doesn't it?? TIP: The shines can either be circles, ovals or slits.

Step 2.

OK this isn't a step but this is telling you NOT TO HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS! Unless you are quite an artist who is looking for a way to improve your skill of drawing eyes. This is probably what you are going to end up drawing DO NOT WORRY you will get   

Step 3.

Now draw the little slits at the bottom and the line that is the border of where you are going to add the eye colour. The picture at the bottom is going to be what you probably are going to end up with when you draw. DO NOT FEEL DISCOURAGED!

Step 4.

DON'T FELL BAD with your results, I promise you that you will get better.

Step 5.

Now just colour it in and voila you got (hopefully) beautifully bold anime/manga eyes! This is my finished product and on the bottom I am posting a pic of (MAYBE/PROBABLY) your finished product.. PRactice and u will be perfecto!

Step 6.

That's probably what you will end up with. This was actually from my first tut and it didn't work out so good, so I made this after I downloaded a better software. This would've been killer eyes if I had the wacom bambo tablet but.. oh well... I HOPE   

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Artist: Dawned
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Description: Here's my tut on anime eyes, this is my second tut and i'm not as skilled this is basically a do-over from my other tut on how to draw eyes.