How to Draw A Happy Anime Girl

Artist: Ziiteara / July 12, 2012

Step 1.

Ok so the first thing you do is draw a circle with a small line in approximately the centre and slightly curved. This line will be used for the fringe.

Step 2.

Next you draw the rest of the face line, then you add some guide lines for which way the body is facing. The shoulders are slightly tipped because of where her right arm is facing. Make sure the "back" line is also curved, but again only slightly.

Step 3.

Now you add in the body guide lines, these are a rough indication of where the curves go. We are also adding the arms and joints in, the joints are the small circles at each bend.

Step 4.

Now for the Arms and Hands. Adding the hand guides shouldn't be to hard, this step is mainly for the beginners who need the bone structure... im rambling... Anyway click the picture to see it more closely if needed. Also erase the lowermost line on t   

Step 5.

The new line :D it should be placed approximately just above halfway down the face.

Step 6.

The Eyes, to view please click on the picture. And you dont have to follow my set emotion for this girl.

Step 7.

Now you can put the rest of the face in, the hairtie is just a floaty thing atm :D if you don't want the set hairstyle feel free to change it.

Step 8.

The hair is just a quick pony-tail style. Feel free to edit the hair (in your own pic) or set a totally different one.

Step 9.

Hair finished (ish)

Step 10.

Next its time for clean-up. Geting rid of the innermost guide-lines. Keep the hand bones if needed.

Step 11.

Clean up, complete. Now you add the curves need to make her look more female, but remember for this character dont over do it :D because she is a younger looking character.

Step 12.

Final body touch-ups before the clothes. (excluding hands)

Step 13.

Again the outfit isn't what you have to do! Feel free to change the clothes. This step is where you finish the hands (if needed).

Step 14.

Finished! Here you can add colour/accessories/friends XD well done :D hehe hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and cya next time!

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Artist: Ziiteara
Date Added: July 12, 2012
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Description: HAI DRAGOART!!! how are you all?? well i hope this uploads >.< anyway this is my first tutorial, and here i am going to show you how to draw a simple anime/manga girl. i know it doesnt look all that flashy but it was draw in microsoft paint so yeah. it's pretty simple to follow, so i hope you enjoy! Cya next time and have a nice day/night! XD