How to Draw an Anime Girl Body


Female Anatomy Basics| The difference between drawing female figures, is that females are generally more 'curvy' than males. The hips and shoulders are almost ALIGNED perfectly when compared vertically to one another. It's best to observe references    


Notice how the body is proportioned and the hips almost perfectly aligned with the shoulders. Note that female shoulders DO NOT sharpen and erect perfectly straight like the horridly drawn figure to the right. Observation is key!


Breast Variations| Now, here's a quick front and side turnaround on how diverse sizes of breasts can take affect on the figure. We have the very small, average, above average, and large DD cup breasts. Because gravity is continuously active on object   


The most important part about drawing lips, is the amount of detail and definition that their drawn with. The less defined is the most easiest to draw. The longer the lips are drawn, the more masculine they will appear. The moderately defined lips is   


I see that artist's have problems drawing the lips from a profile view. Whenever there's a 'point' at the edges of the lips or a 'turning point edge', the lip detail lines will close the shape of the lips. Now, usually, you don't see these style of l   


The curves of the lips should NOT be drawn with close -protruding upper lip edges. This will not only look unrealistic, but awkward too. The correct way to draw them is a slight dip in the 'cupid's bow', creating a natural appearance.


Here's just a few of the many styles you can draw anime lips. If you want to get ideas on a wider variety, reference the art styles of your favorite artists, or references from actual photos. Experiment and practice are the keys to a success growth!


Face Proportions| Generally, in most anime that people are commonly interested in, is the style that have the exaggerated sized eyes, and lightly defined nose, mouth, and brows. If you're going to draw in that style, understand that the eyes take up    


Try to get yourself familiarized with the various poses that you can stylize your character in. When you're illustrating a manga comic, you're going to have to get used to drawing numerous face positions. What if you don't know how to draw your chara   


Let's begin the lesson on drawing the anime female body model. Start by making three guide shapes; one for the head, another for the torso and one more for the bottom part of her body which is the hip area. You will then sketch in the facial guidelin   


Here you will use the head guide to define the structure of the girl's face like so, then draw in her parted hairline.


Begin drawing in her face using the facial guidelines. Start with the eye shapes, mouth and then draw in some thick eyelashes.


Finish drawing the face by sketching out the eyebrows, the rest of her mouth which are the lips, then draw in the nose, eyeballs and hairline.


If you want to stay with a long straight hairstyle then you will need to draw the shape of her head and hair the way you see it done for you here. If you want a different hairdo, just choose what you would like.


Up next, you will draw the upper body starting with the shoulders, then draw the one arm and then draw in her torso shape.


We will now tackle the task of drawing the clothing which is a sleeveless tee. Sketch in the breast cleavage and then add some wrinkles on the shirt cloth.


Finish the shirt, then sketch in the shape of her body and then draw the shorts. The ends of her shorts are ruffled or crinkled.


Add the left arm and then draw her right hand that is resting on her hip. Add more of her hair and then move to step nineteen.


You will now finish the detailing to the shorts which is the waist, pockets, seam lines and stitching. Add the navel button and then erase the mistakes and guidelines.


Here is your finished drawing of the anime style girl body. I hope you had fun and now all you have to do is color in the drawing.

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This girl bears a strong resemblance to John from the "Stick in the Mud" webcomic. :)



August 10, 2017

Description: So I thought it was about time to do another detailed lesson on how to draw a girl's body in an animated drawing style. I know the title reads 'anime', but that is just short for animated. The girl you will be drawing can be tweaked to your own liking. The design concept is all a matter of preference. As you will find with this tutorial, there are a lot of detailed tips that will help you draw an anime girl body a whole lot easier then trying to tackle such a task on your own. This lessons is especially good for those of you who are just starting out with drawing bodies. If you have been waiting or wanting a tutorial that can show you how to draw the female body, look and wait no more because here it is. Let me know if this lesson was helpful, or if you want to see something else to help you draw people better.

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