How to Draw an Octopus Skull Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / December 29, 2014

Step 1.

Begin with a simple step that consists of a head guide, followed by guidelines for the long wiggly tentacles.

Step 2.

For this second step, you will sketch out the structure for the octopus' skull. As you can see the left forehead will be sketched out first, then the contouring for the temples and cheek bones.

Step 3.

Use the facial guidelines to draw out the large, deep eye sockets and nasal cavity. Add some definition or detailing to the lower ends of the eyes making the octopus skull face distressed looking. Color in all hollows the way you see them done for yo   

Step 4.

The skull head for this octopus tattoo concept is supposed to be conjoined with the wall or other object. If you get it inked on your skin, the octopus will look like it's attached to your body. Sketch in the stretched look of the skull as you see it   

Step 5.

Okay, it is now time to draw in the large, thick tentacles which start from the mouth area of your octopus. Start with the ones in the back and when they are drawn, you can sketch in the surface textures which will leave the tentacles looking rough.

Step 6.

Finish the one long tentacle like so and draw in the suction pads under the leg. Add more surface texture to each limb drawn before leaving this step to tackle another.

Step 7.

Don't fret, you are almost done. We will now draw the thicker of all the tentacles to the left side. Notice that it is curled up as if it's ready to expand to grab onto something. Draw in two more of these tentacles like so and don't forget the textu   

Step 8.

For the final step you will draw in the rest of the limbs or finish drawing the tentacles by adding the ends which are a lot thinner the the top portion of them. The ends look more like squiggly noodles. Add detailing and when you are satisfied with    

Step 9.

Here is what your finished drawing looks like when completed. You can now choose to add some color, or leave the drawing as an inked concept. The choice is yours!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 29, 2014
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Description: Sometimes I get in the mood to create something cool, unique and even complex. The initial idea for this tut was going to be a mouth with octopus tentacles protruding out, but that concept didn't look too good. I then had the idea to make a skull that looked like an octopus but was very depressed and dreadful looking. That is the concept you see before you now. Here is how to draw an Octopus skull, step by step in a tattoo style fashion. I cannot tell you how much I love the way this skull came out. The twists and turns with the tentacles are so cool, it makes me want to see this image on a poster so I can hang it up and admire the design some more. Drawing this octopus skull tattoo may prove to be a bit challenging for some, but if you push through the task you will definitely come out a winner in the end. Thanks so much for joining me with this lesson, I know that a lot of you like tackling skull tuts that are unique in every sense of the word. Adios amigos!