How to Draw a Girl Crying

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Start with a circle for the head, then draw the arm line or guide like so.


You will now need to draw in her hair which is falling down the face. The hair is long and thick and it's a folded over the arm.


You will now add the hair strand lines like so, then proceed to step four.


Draw the shoulders and her folded arms. Then draw her hand which is relaxed.


Her legs and knees are pulled up against her chest. This is where the arms rest on. Notice the legs are close together and her feet are too.


For the final step all you will have to do is draw in the rest of her hair which is floor length. Add some body and then draw a wilted flower in her hand. Notice the petals are falling from the flower. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


This is the line art when you are done. Color her in and you are all set and ready to show off your work.

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January 12, 2018

Description: Okay guys, let me start this day with uploading a lesson that is on "how to draw a crying girl", step by step. I wanted to make this concept drawing because yesterday my sister was crying because she thought she lost her cell phone. She was literally hysterical and didn't stop the crying for almost two hours. She finally found the phone (which was left on her bed) and out of excitement she began to cry again. That is the story behind this drawing, but as you know when a girl cries they are usually doing it for a reason. A broken heart, a tragedy, or because of being hurt. No matter what the case may be drawing a crying girl is something that can bring out many emotions. Have fun with this tut folks and be sure to stay tuned in because I do have more coming your way.

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