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How to Draw an Anime Body

Artist: MsAllyAnime / October 15, 2016
How to Draw an Anime Body

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines of the head, the torso, and the legs. Draw the lines on the face for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 2.

Draw the eyes, give her thick eyelashes for a more feminine look. Draw the eyebrows, nose, and mouth. She has an innocent look in her face.

Step 3.

Draw the bangs on her hair. You may choose what kind of bangs you'd like your character to have. Make sure to make the hair flow, and not be too stiff.

Step 4.

Now, draw the rest of the hair. You may choose what kind of hair you want to draw. I decided to draw wavy hair.

Step 5.

Draw the first part of the hat, just the bottom. It's gonna be a floppy hat. Draw the neck and the shoulders. Draw the first part of the arm, the arm will go up.

Step 6.

Draw the whole hat, you can draw a ribbon on the hat if you want. Draw the rest of the arm, it'll be behind the floppy hat.

Step 7.

Draw the other arm. The hand will be around her neck.

Step 8.

Draw the body. Draw her hims and a line for the legs. Above the torso draw the breasts.

Step 9.

Draw the top of the bikini. Draw the details and wrinkles on the bikini. Add the neckline and cleavage line. A jacket is totally optional, if you'd like to draw a jacket draw an indication of the jacket on the arm. The sleeve will be falling down.

Step 10.

Draw the rest of the jacket. Draw the sleeve on the left arm, and draw the rest of the long jacket on her torso.

Step 11.

Draw the bottom part of the bikini. It's really simple, just a triangle. Draw some of stomach details.

Step 12.

Draw the ribbons. The ribbons are optional but it gives a nicer look. Draw the ribbons on the hat and on the bikini.

Step 13.

You are pretty much done with your character! Just clean up the lines, outline your drawing and your done! Now you can color and shade your anime girl!

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Artist: MsAllyAnime
Date Added: October 15, 2016
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Tags: how to draw bodies, how to draw anime girls
Description: Learn to draw an anime body! This is an advanced tutorial, proceed with caution.