Santa Baby Drawing Lesson


For the first step you will just draw out the guidelines and shapes to create the framework for your anime santa baby girl.


Using those guides go ahead and draw out her pretty eyes and then draw the shape of the face and neck. Go ahead and draw in her ear and add some detailing to her ear.


We will now draw out her flowing bangs and then draw in some of her hair on the right side of the drawing. Add strand detailing as well.


Complete her hairstyle and then draw in the lid of the Santa hat as you see here.


Draw in her nose, mouth, and cheek marks. You will also complete the hat and add that ball at the tip.


We will now tackle her torso and her clothing. Add some definition her her clothes and proceed on to the next step.


Finish off her clothes and then erase the mistakes and guides that you drew and made throughout the lesson.


Here is the line art when you have finished. Now that you are done color in the drawing and show off what you did to others.

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December 16, 2023

Description: Hey everyone and happy holidays. While the site has been being worked on I decided I wanted to go ahead and make a lesson for Christmas and here it is. Today I will be showing you how to draw Santa Baby, step by step. This anime girl is called Santa Baby because she is all decked out for the holidays. I do hope you enjoy the lesson, I will try to upload one tutorial a day when I have my free time. So go ahead and get busy and I will return with something different for ya'll.

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