How to Draw a Beach Girl

1 Guidelines

Go ahead and sketch the guidelines for the girl's body.

2 Face Shape

Then, draw her face shape and ear.

3 Facial Features

Next, draw her facial features like the nose, eyes, mouth.

4 Long Hair

Next, draw her long waved hair.

5 2nd Layer

Then, work on the 2nd layer of hair that adds movement to the woman's surroundings.

6 Upper Body

Next, work on her upper body like her arms and chest.

7 Belly and Legs

Next, work on her lower body and her bathing suit.

8 Final Arm

Sketch the last arm for her.

9 Waves and Splashes

This is a tricky part, I started with the waves movement by sketching the flow of each splash and just progressed and randomly sketched splashes to suggest movement.

10 Large Moon

Lastly, fill in with a moon in the sky!

11 Final Line Art

Once everything is done, this is what you should end up with. Great work!

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May 13, 2020

Description: Hey guys, what's up? Today I am going to start the day by showing you all how to draw a beach girl, step by step. I got a little carried away with this piece of art because I drew in a moon and the ocean waves crashing along the body of this beach babe. I love how the drawing came out nevertheless, and I know if you like drawing beach bodies, you will like this lesson as well. Anyways, I am falling behind because I have so many lessons to upload with little time to get them all uploaded for all to learn from. Have fun drawing a beach girl folks.

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