How to Draw Lelouch-Code Geass

Artist: sgupt02 / February 3, 2017

Step 1.

Draw the face guidelines. First draw a partial oval circle shape shown. Then make the viewing lines. Don't make the lines to hard

Step 2.

Draw the neck as shown. Then make the collar. Make sure your lines run smoothly.

Step 3.

Make the back part. Start it way below the collar as shown.

Step 4.

Then make the chins triangular shape and make the edge curvy as shown above. Then draw the hair. There are a lot of strands. Get the exact design. Then make the nose and the mouth.

Step 5.

Now draw the eyes. Make the left eye (from your view) without detail. Then make the scarf and add the detail.

Step 6.

Now erase the guidelines. And shade. Now add the shoulders and your done.

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Artist: sgupt02
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